Thursday, 20 November 2014

Polymer clay for Christmas

I finally started making little Christmas stuff out of Fimo for the Christmas fairs that start next week end. EEk !
I made 10 little red elves. Very little, they are only 3cm high ! But they are supposed to be charms, or key ring things, so they can't be bulky.

And I made micro snowmen. 2 on the little pot decorations (about 2cm high), one as charm, and one as earplug cosy for mobile phone. And yes, they are tiny !!!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Hama beads frenzy

I wanted to use my Hama beads for Christmas, so I made trees and snowflakes. Thr trees are 3D and standing on their own, I think I will add seed beads or something, and they can be used as name placement on the festive table.

The big snowflakes are destined to be coasters, and the smaller ones ornaments.


Arbres 3D en perles hama et des flocons de neige, dont les plus grands seront utilisés comme sous verres.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas is coming?

People on Facebook are counting.... 6 weeks till Christmas. But I won't count the days since last post..... So where have I been? Mostly playing Disney Magical World on 3DS. Video Gaming and no crafing means nothing to post, of course. Except crocheting snowflakes here and there.... and making these Christmas trees. Well, they are the second set I made, my mom took the first set !!!!


Des sapins que j'ai crocheté entre deux parties de Disney Magical World sur 3DS. En fait, c'est le deuxième set que j'ai fait, car le premier est parti chez ma maman !

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mini pouches frenzy

Here is my creative train of thoughs. I love pouches. How can I make them more usable and trendy? Small is kamai. Plus the bag is made faster, and I can try different stitches on them. And mini pouches were born. The idea is to use them as key ring, to put coins, sd cards, usb cards, chapstick or anything you want.

I first ma de the lilac one, for me, and I finished it with a rainbow loom flower. I thought an elastic band would be practical to open and close the bag. And it mixes medias ;)

I then made the peach ones, and you can see the different stitches used.

Finally I made a beige in attempt to be more gender neutral....

I want to make those mini pouches for the Christmas fair this year, but I have no idea if people would be interested in them....


J'adore les bourses, mais comment faire pour les utiliser de façon plus classe? Et ce qui est petit est mignon, et ça se finit plus vite, et on peut essayer différents points dessus. Et les mini bourses sont nées.

J'ai d'abord fait la bourse lilas, pour moi, et j'ai rajouté une fleur en élastique. Il me semblait que l'élastique serait bien pour fermer le sac.

Ensuite j'ai j'ai 2 bourses pèche et  une beige. Je voudrais en faire quelques unes pour le marché de Noel de cette année, mais je ne sais pas si ça intéressera qui que ce soit....

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crochet flower slippers

We can say only one thing..... why aren't mine looking like this????? It's my second attempt at making crochet slippers, with a different pattern, and they are still not good for my feet, somehow.... I suppose japanese feet are different from mine?

Pattern at Pierrot yarn


C'est la deuxième fois que j'essaye de faire des pantoufles en crochet, avec un modèle différent, mais rien à faire, ça ne correspond toujours pas à mon pied. Il faut croire que j'ai des pieds très différents des japonaises....

Explication à Pierrot yarn