Monday, 29 October 2007

Beginning of a new area of the blog...

Ok, my blog has to move to Blogspot for good. When I saw my website has been disactivated because of spam, and the comments database has been delated, I thought it was very unfair. After all, I'm the victim of people programming robots to pollute my website, and I get punished? Of course, the server is a victim as well, and in order to run smoothly they have to take drastic mesures. Can't be mad at them. But I'm mad at the spammers.

I asked for reactivation of my website, and I will remove any automatic commenting system from there. Meaning my blog has to move to the emergency blogspot place. The design is a bit... hum... But we will moving to a more winter one soon, so... Not to mention that this happens of course when I have virtually no time to work on a design while DBF is there, and we have better things to do.

I'm not really surprised I have to make more changes, as I'm in a changing period. But it also helps to see what is important.

For exemple, what if I loose my website? Would I want to spend the time and effort to create a new one? What for?

Like many others, I feel a bit demotivated by blogging. I love comments, but I understand that if I only show pictures after pictures of stitching, it ends up to be quite the same over time. I don't even feel attracted to new techiniques that could add something to the blog.

One thing I find really useful for me on a personal level is the Gallery. So I know when I made what, and what thread conversions I made. So I hope to get that back.

But for the rest, it feels a bit presomptuous thinking updates are so interesting to people. Once I get my website back, I'll try and get most of the infos on it sorted. It will take time....
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