Sunday, 11 November 2007

I couldn't help it...

And Garden Pleasures is finished ! I couldn't help adding eyes and a mouth to this lady.

This project is very very personalised. The dress and fabric are blue to match my grandma's tastes, and I'm sure you would prefer a lady with a real face.

I also added "BM" on the flower pot, for "Bonne Maman", which is what I call my grandma.

Now I have to try and find a frame for it, and it will be ready for Christmas !!!!

Now I started Simply Snowdays for my mantel piece

I also did a bit of framing today. As I said before (I think), I didn't like the light wood frame for Acorn Hill, and anyway it was a bit crooked. So I used another darker frame. More "autumny".

This time I stuck the design onto the backing cardboard with double sided tape after cutting to the right dimension. I did the same for Old Gardens, and Tearoom (not pictured here, as my pictures are bad).

I also framed the Renaissance Lady.

To take my pictures I decided to go in the garden for natural daylight. It's difficult to find a place, so in the end I've put a nail in the fence, so I can reuse the spot easily.

If Acorn Hill is on the mantel piece at the moment, I don't know where to put the renaissance lady and Old Gardens. We'll see...

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