Friday, 11 January 2008

CrossStitcher issue 196

Yesterday I bought CrossStitcher magazine. I suppose that's why it's raining lately. But I couldn't resist the Margaret Sherry cats.

Because the magazine blog displays nice pictures, I won't bother with taking some more, and will just "review".

Let's face it, I only bought the magazine for the MS cats freebie. Nothing else of interest (in my tastes). It's mostly modern/deco type of designs. I like the blackwork bears as well, but I don't know what I would do with them.

Now, the freebie... It's quite a big design. Regular size design for a Margaret Sherry cat, like the ones published in the magazines as chart.

So loads of colours provided (and the threads seem to be of the regular kind again, not just the chinese ones), and the fabric is big. there are also laods of fractionals, so we can feel attention to details.

But beware, the threads on the sorter aren't exactly in the order of the key list, so check and plan in advance. I had the problem with a previous freebie...

Otherwise, they want to finish it as a bellpull, but of course they don't provide the top thing. Once again, you would have to buy from Debbie Cripps. Apparently they have a deal with her or something... Of course you can finish it as you want anayway ;)


Hier j'ai achete le magazine CrossStitcher, ca doit etre pour ca qu'il pleut en ce moment. Mais je n'ai pas su resister les petits chats du kit offert.

Comme il y a deja les photos sur le blog du magazine, je ne vais pas en remettre ici... et donc je vais juste donner mon avis.

En fait, je n'ai achete ce magazine que pour le kit, car le reste est trop moderne et oriente deco a mon gout. J'aime bien les petits ours, mais je ne saurais pas quoi en faire apres, alors...
Le kit est un grand kit. Comme le projet est aussi grand qu'un margaret Sherry habituel, ca veut dire plus de couleurs (avec des fils qui ne semblent pas provenir de Chine comme d'hab), et un grand tissu...

Mais si vous vous attelez a ce projet, verifiez les fils, car ils ne sont pas dans l'ordre de la liste !
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