Friday, 18 January 2008

School of Needlework for slow people

No update yesterday... and virtually no much progress stitching wise... what's happening?

Well, two things: first I feel generally sluggish and tired, so it's hard to take the needle at all. I don't know what's happening, but it seems to be a sort of tiredness wave.

Then I finally started to work on a re-design for my website. I've had it for... many years, and it looks like a treasure chest where you have to dig to find something.

As on the net, nobody digs, and stuff that are not "right there in flashy letters" aren't seen at all, well... you get the idea.

For the moment... my blog will remain here. Actually, I think it would be a sensible thing to do... Just in case spams come back on my website.

So this week end the plan is stitching, scrapbooking stitching and webdesigning. Don't know the proportions yet...

Now, School of Needleworks... Pink Canary showed her progress, and she was further than me, so I had to work on it... And as I didn't feel like making up a story, I stitched the title.


Pas beaucoup de progres ici... Pink Canary etait en tete (et l'est toujours), et comme elle a fait les lettres et que je je voulais pas faire de petite histoire en ce moment... Donc j'ai borde le titre.

Deux raisons pour le manque de progres: la mouche tse tse m'a piquee, et j'ai du mal a me concentrer et tenir une aiguille le soir, et je me lance dans le remodelage de mon site.

Comme il est vieux, il ressemble plus a un coffre dans le grenier, et il faut fouiller pour trouver des trucs. Seulement voila, les gens ne fouillent pas sur internet, il faut leur indiquer tout en lettres flashantes, et donc voila... Un peu de rangement ne fera pas de mal !
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