Saturday, 16 February 2008

Fimo rose

A little saturday morning crafty blob... For a while I admired those lovely pins with flowers or other stuff on... And I thought "I could do that with fimo !!!"

But then I remembered my oven is broken (yes, I'm not the luckiest in the world at the moment...), so I searched for microwave fimo cooking alternative. Note that it's written on all Fimo packages that you can't cook in the microwave, because of the fumes.

But some people experimented with cooking small fimo objects in water in the microwave, and guess what? It works !!!! And it only took 3 minutes !!! Of course I did it on a tiny thing, in old hardened fimo... But it could be the answer to my cracking fimo in the warm air oven !!!!

Not much stitching yesterday, as I just got "PicPic" and "Cooking Mama 2" for my DS... video games players will see the drama straight away....

Plus Curly seems to have huge blocks to stitch... I'm still in the sheep and I used 2 6 strands threads already !!!!

I've put my mini rose in the cushion Lili made me for Christmas. It's hung in the hall, under my "Welcome" frame, so it's the first thing I see when entering the house.


Une petite rose en fimo sur epingle... Juste un petit test ! Enfin, la difficulte a ete que mon four est casse, et donc j'ai cherche des alternatives sur internet pour cuire au microondes (un truc interdit d'apres le fabricant, pour cause de fumees toxiques), et j'ai trouve !

Il suffit de mettre dans de l'eau, et de ne cuire que 3 minutes. Ca marche pour les mini trucs, evidemment... je doite que ca marche pour les trucs plus gros !

J'ai pas beaucoup brode hier, vu que j'ai eu "PicPic" et "Cooking Mama 2" pour ma DS, et vous savez ce que ca signifie... Sinon ben Curly est plein de gros blocks, je suis encore dans le mouton et j'ai deja utilise 2 fils de 6 brins !!!!

J'en profite pour montrer le coussin que Lili m'a offert a Noel, et sur lequel j'ai mis la rose. Il est dans l'entree, si bienque c'est la premiere chose que je vois en rentrant !!!

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