Saturday, 12 April 2008

In the tree...

I had a bit more fun with my hooks in the past day... making little owls.
I installed my little family in the tree, so you can appreciate the size difference.

I started with a mini one, it's only 1cm, in perle 8, hook 1mm. Then I added a bit of blush.

I was preparing my stuff to take on holidays (Thank you for World of CrossStitching for that multi-compartments purple box they gave us a while ago!), and I thought I could decorate Lapinette a bit with a button, and some blush.

And in the evening, being so tired, I made some owls in yarn, hook 4mm. Easy and quick.

Zohrah, I'm glad to see you are back... I might make the cat again, but I was thinking of trying a miniature one.
But if you really want me to make you one... let's talk by email.
My plan right now is to experiment and make my own patterns.

Now is nearly time to go and travel... the weather is good, the sore throat is coming in and out... But it should be good to travel with DBF...


J'ai mis ma petite famille dans l'arbre, comme ca on peut voir la difference de taille...

J'ai fait un mini hibou de 1 cm, avec du perle 8 et un crochet 1mm. J'ai acheve un peu Lapinette avec du blush et un bouton.

Et au soir, j'ai fait plus facile, des petits hibous en laine, crochet 4.

Pour l'instant, c'est presque l'heure de voyager vers la France, dans un joli temps de printemps, malgre le mal de gorge qui va et vient, mais ca devrait etre cool...
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