Tuesday, 6 May 2008

3 days of crafting fun...

Loads of pictures today...

Instead of posting during the week end, I prefered to craft, and wait to post during the week. I know, don't ask. let's just say I had an urge to stitch and stitch some more.... It gave me great focus ! And that's how things are done...

I found a pattern for a crocheted daffodil, and had to make it as this is my favourite flower. Me and crochet are not best friends at the moment, my hands get tired fast. Cramps and the like. I suppose that's how stitching took over...

As predicted, I finished the birds !!!! Half stitches background was finished Sunday morning, and I did a little bit of the backstitching, but it got boring, so I left it and took... Garden Girl !!! Why? It was a wip closeby... Yesterday morning I was motivated for it again and finished it, including the french knots on the flowers.

I was so motivated that I even made a cushion out of it. It's been a while since I wanted to try this type of cushion. And with this project, it was not only easy, but a must !

You might have noticed that the background made a rectangle, and so any attempt at framing would require lacing, or other techniques so that the borders ould be perfectly aligned. Here, I sewed the fabrics on the edge of the borders. Easy peasy. I've put the birds on my mantle piece, instead of the "Gingerbread Cottage", which is too "winterey".

So as I previously said, I worked on Garden Girl. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this design. Most of the time I feel it's too naive and childish. But sometimes I find it cute, like right now. And it's nice to stitch it. Would it be the lovely weather we have?

I also started Bee Harmony from Patricia Ann. This is part of "I want to stitch a speciality stitches sampler". I had the choice between a few samplers, but my choice was directed by the fact that this one DBF likes. Well, I had to make a choice anyway....

I hear Lili saying "eek ! bees !" already, but I like them, so delicate in over one stitches... That's how I see i progressed as a stitcher: I didn't have problems with disappearing stitches this time...
Garden Girl and Bee Harmony being 2 very different projects, I will stitch them at the same time (well, switching from one to the other of course !!!).

patternnuts, I'm not really interested in food I can't eat, it defies the whole purpose of it. Of course if you add eyes to make cute amigurumies, well, they just become cute characters. Otherwise, real food is better ;)


Beaucoup de photos aujourd'hui... J'ai simplement garde le week end pour bricoler loin de l'ordi, et donc me voila avec un message massif.

J'ai crochete une jonquille, car c'est ma fleur preferee. Celle-la ne se fanera pas ! Sinon, le crochet et moi ne sommes plus trop amis: j'attrape des crampes tres vite, et donc je ne peux pas crocheter longtemps. Du coup, la broderie reprend le dessus, car la, je peux broder 5 heures d'affilee sans probleme. Enfin, en brodant reellement 5 heures sans pause, je l'ai fait une fois par inadvertance, ca me donnerait des fourmis dans les doigts.

Ce week end j'ai ete tres motivee pour la broderie, donc. Les oiseaux sont non seulement termines (Lutine, j'ai reussi mes predictions!), mais meme devenus coussin !

Le fond en demi points a ete termine Dimanche, et apres un peu de points arriere, la toile m'est tombee des mains, et donc j'ai repris... Garden Girl. Pourquoi? Parce que c'etait l'encours le plus proche !!! Cette petite pause a fait que hier matin j'ai fini totalement les oiseaux, points de noeud compris. Et dans l'apres midi j'ai fait le coussin.

Ca faisait un bout de temps que je voulais essayer de faire ce style de coussin, et ya pas plus simple !! En plus, c'est totalement adapte a ce projet, vu qu'il a des bordures bien definies qui necessite d'etre totalement droit en suivant le modele. Simple avec une machine a coudre !
Maintenant le coussin trone sur ma cheminee. Un peu de Printemps, enfin !!!

Je ne sais pas si j'aime ou je deteste Garden Girl. Ca depend des jours. Parfois je le trouve trop naif et gamin, d'autres juste super mignon. En ce moment, je suis en phase "super mignon", et donc j'apprecie de le broder.

J'ai aussi commence "Bee Harmony" de Patricia Ann, que j'ai achete a K'thylda a Lille, car DBF a dit "c'et beau, prend celui-la". Je vois deja la grimace de Lili parce que ce sont des abeilles, mais je suis assez fiere de moi, car elles ne m'ont pas pose de problemes ce coup-ci, alors que il y a un an c'etait un grand challenge a cause des points qui disparaissaient sous la toile.

Donc en ce moment j'alterne entre Garden Girl et Bee Harmony car ce sont deux projets tres differents, et donc quand j'en ai marre de l'un, je passe a l'autre...
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