Sunday, 25 May 2008

Framing day.... and other stuff

I started the day by searching for threads. The little market shop had my favourite DMC 4045 green variation thread, but was out of 931 and 5283. So I had to buy stuff in Hobbycraft later.

I found 2 frames in the market. It was amazing to find a long frame for the sampler. Soooo much easier than a bellpull, especially since I have no special top thingy or anything...

Finishing the border on Garden Girl was a nightmare, but a puzzling one. We could play "spot the differences" on that project, as there are mistakes a bit everywhere. So the 2 ends of the border shouldn't join... Except I cheated a little.

Before that I worked on my website. Again. First, I wanted something more "News about crafts" compared to my blog. Then I wanted to translate in French.

So the works are not totally done yet, but you can get the idea...

I also bought CrossStitcher and World of CrossStitcher this morning, and made a review of WOCS (CS will come later). So that's why Joan Elliott's new Stitching Angel is on my sidebar now. Just started. 34 different colours. Now that's a challenge...


J'ai commence ma journee par une chasse aux fils. Le marche avait mon fil DMC 4045 prefere pour le vert varie, mais pas DMC931, donc j'ai du aller a Hobbycraft.

Mais le marche avait des cadres interessant, et comme j'ai trouve un cadre qui convenait pour le sampler, je l'ai encadre au lieu de faire un bellpull. Ce qui a facilite ma tache, surtout que je n'ai pas de trucs pour pendre et faire vraiment un bellpull ;)

Garden Girl a ete une sorte de cauchemar: rien ne correspond, et on peut jouer au jeu des 7 erreurs avec. Et bien sur j'ai du tricher pour que la bordure se rejoigne correctement.

Avant la seance d'encadrement, j'ai bosse sur mon site. Encore. Je voudrais arriver a un site cible sur "Actualites et critiques de la broderie", avec mon blog gardant les trucs plus perso.

Et je voulais le traduire en francais. Le systeme a encore des bugs, mais les pages, les tutos par exemple, sont toutes traduites. Et j'ai aussi fait ma premiere critique de magazine en francais avec le nouveau World of CrossStitching.

Et c'est de la que vient mon nouveau projet, l'ange de la broderie de Joan Elliott qui est dans la barre de gauche. 34 couleurs... c'est un challenge !


Ginny said...

I agree - it's amazing you found a long frame! I have to buy the sectionals to find anything other than standard sizes.

Garden Girl looks great. I actually put that one on my wish list; if I ever get it, I'll have to remember to constantly check to make sure the border is stitching properly!

Zeb said...

I really love how Garden Girl came out. Seeing it complete and framed like that, wow!
Must try and see if I can source the design :)

Lutine said...

et ben tu as drolement des projets !!

tasteach said...

I am taking part in a comment challenge and today we had to write in a blog written in a different language. As I have done a few French lessons I thought I would comment here as you had both English and French. I have used a translator to write my comment in French - there might be some grammatical errors.

Votre "Jardin Girl" sembler piquants magnifiques. Je n'ai jamais fait n'importe quelle croix piquant mais ma mère a uns de ses voyages en Nouvelle Zélande.

patternnuts said...

Very good timing finding the long frames! It looks great. :) Really need to get some stitching done here- so many things I want to do.
I didn't even notice the "cheat" so you must have done it really well.
Have a great "rest of the weekend".

Tracy911 said...

I'm so jealous! You get to start the new Angel by Joan Elliott before I do! :) I live in the states, so I get my mags about a month behind from you all. I can't wait to see how she will look beside my other angel from Joan...Mums are Angels. I finished it just in time for Mothers day this year. Took me about 2 1/2 weeks. It'll be exciting to watch it come to all your pieces!

Pink.canary said...

Oh qu'il est beau ce modèle! j'adore les anges de Joan Elliott! Tu as trouvé de supers cadres qui vont bien avec les broderies et pour la gardn girl, on ne voit rien ;-D Et bravo pour ton site, il est encore mieux!!