Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas to you all !!!

It's all in the title.... ;)

I wanted to progress and maybe finish Mama Christmas for today, but on Monday I was struck by a big cold, and every part of my body was aching, including my fingers, so no stitching !!!

But of course, I keep on going... The gold border is nearly done, but I still need to do the corners, the wings, and of course... the loooooooong backstitch ! Now the question is... until when will I stitch it? ;)

I made some cookies for Christmas. I was well inspired to make them on Sunday, just in case, because I would have been unable to make them later on !
So I made them vanilla or cinnamon, the vanilla are best... And there is the coloured icing, and you can see me painting all the mini cookies here. I also made labels to customise the little bags I gave to my family for Christmas !!!


Joyeux Noel à tous !!!!

Je voulais presque finir Mama Christmas pour Noel, mais lundi j'ai commencé à avoir mal partout, y compris dans les doigts, donc plus de broderie ! He oui, j'ai un gros rhume, et j'ai été bien inspirée de faire mes biscuits de Noel en avance dimanche, car cela aurait été mission impossible !!!
Comme vous le voyez, après, la confection des biscuits, il a fallu les peindre avec le glacage coloré, et j'ai même poussé jusqu'à faire des petits sachets avec des étiquettes personalisées !!!
Je vais continuer à broder Mama Christmas pour l'instant, mais jusqu'à quand?
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