Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back from New York

I'm back from the New York trip. For pictures and a full day to day story, go to Travel and craft in NYC. We managed to post everyday, and it was a 2 persons operation, me writing and DBF sorting out pictures.

I didn't craft at all while we were there : loads of walking, too much to see, so when we were finally in the hotel room, it wasn't really time to make stuff !!!

But I did buy crafty stuff. CrossStitch magazines, Knitting book and accessories (bamboo double ended needles, markers, end stoppers) and even japanese tatting books.

Of course I also got Hello Kitty things, books and food. I had a catstrophy when arrived in Paris : I had put my valuable books in my carryon bag, just in case they loose my suitcase, but then a water bottle leaked in it, and that's why the knitting book pages are all scruffy.But it's nothing compared to the state of my "Festive tatting" book I had taken along with me on the trip, and haven't used. But I suppose it's still usable. It's lucky my netbook wasn't soaked.

I already started knitting from the book, with the bamboo needls, and I love it.


Me voilà de retour du voyage à New York. Si vous voulez en savoir plus, lisez le blog "Travel and craft in NYC". On a réussi à poster tous les jours, mais heureusement qu'on était deux, moi à l'écriture et DBF aux photos !!!

Je n'ai pas bricolé du tout du voyage, car après des journées de marche bien remplies, et tant à voir, la tête n'y était pas ! Par contre, j'ai fait des achats.

Des magazines de point de croix, un livre et des accessoires de tricot (aiguilles en bambou, markers, embouts d'aiguilles) et des livres de frivolité en japonais.

Et bien sûr, des trucs Hello Kitty, des livres, de la nourriture.... et des cadeaux  New York !

J'ai déjà commencé un petit bonhomme en tricot avec mes aiguilles double pointes en bambou, et j'adore ça !
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