Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Christmas fingerless glove pattern, a story (free)

 It all started with a very difficult fingerless glove : black yarn, 2.5mm dpns, and a complex lace and cables motif.  I needed a break.

I had found a very Christmasy pattern a while ago, with white, red and green peppermint style motif. I started with the white snowflake fluffy fur yarn at the cuff, I was in the middle of the red yarn, ready for the multicolored motif, when DBF came in and asked what was this hugly mit on the picture. He thought all red was the way to go.

So I decided for all red mits. I also at that time realised that the pattern was for a flat mit, and I was knitting round on dpns, so I was in total impro land.

Because they look like Mama Christmas mits, and they are easy to knit and some of you could probably be finished for Christmas if they want to, here is the pattern. It's a bit crude because I'm writing this in a hurry before Christmas, but I will make it better later. So if you see something I have to explain better or else, it's a good time to tell me. After all, it's the first time I write a knitting pattern !!!

Yarn used : DK red and fluffy white
Size needles : 4mm and 3.5mmm dpns
Glove size : quite small woman size. Just add rounds to make it your size.

Note that both right and left gloves are made the same way.

CO 36 st on 4mm dpns with the white fluffy. Join in round
4rounds Knit of white fluffy on the 4mm dpns, then change for 3.5mm.

15 rounds of K in red.

Thumb gusset :
K1, M1, K1 place marker and K the rest of the round
K one round
1. K1, M1, K sts till 1st before the marker, M1, K1, place marker, K the rest of the round
2 K one round
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until you have 15 sts between the beginning of the round and the marker.
K 6 rounds
 Put these 15 sts on a waste yarn for later, finish K the round to be back between needle 1 and 4.

CO 2sts in the thumb gap
K 20 rounds in red
K2 rounds in white fluffy and BO

Put the 15sts back on needles, and pick up 5 sts in the thumb gap (20sts)
K 10 rounds in red
K 2 rounds in white fluffy


Tout a commencé avec des mitaines compliquées à faire : laine noire, aiguilles 2.5mm, des torsades et des dentelles... Il me fallait une pause.

Et donc j'ai voulu faire des mitaines en rouge, blanc et vert dont j'avais le modèle depuis un certain temps. Mais alors que j'allais attaquer le motif multicolore, DBF a trouvé que c'était moche, et qu'il fallait faire tout en rouge, style Mère Noel. Comme en plus j'avais mal lu et je tricotais en rond à la place de à plat, mes mitaines sont devenues totalement différentes, et donc j'ai fait mon propre modèle, qui est en fait très basique.

Pour ceux qui savent suivre des modèles en anglais, reportez-vous à l'explication plus haut. Je le ferai surement en français plus tard. 
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