Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crocheted slippers

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I was surfing around, when I saw "All about Ami" who was in a slippers craze. She was making several pairs from the pattern at "Little house by the sea". So I wanted to make slippers as well.

Problem is I had several wrong starts. I tried with a 4mm hook, but even my small foot couldn't fit in the slipper. I tried a plastic 5mm hook, but it doesn't slide properly, and there were too many holes.

I set that projet on the side for a while, made tawashies with a 5mm hook, but coated steel this time; and it was so lovely to work with I started the slippers again. And tadaaaa !!! Here they are !!

I added 2 rounds to make it higher, but I still think it's too narrow or something, so I might try to make some with a bigger sole. A perfect excuse to make another pair !

Of course, we can always count on DBF to lighten the mood. When he saw me making slippers, he said "oh, she's poor, she has to crochet her own slippers". Hum, this isn't the point, is it?
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