Sunday, 15 September 2013

stuff made since last time

Lately I've knitted long projects, taking up to more than a month to complete. Then I got lazy posting, so here are the things now. There is a picture of the fuschia top you saw in "scarf" state. I made the mistake of using acrylic, so it's surprisingly warm, and as we had a very hot summer...

There is the camel coton/acrylic jumper I made. It's a pattern from the book "Knit to flatter", and I had problems with it. First, it's not long enough, so I had to knit and sew an extra band of the lace trim. And the shoulders are a bit weird, but never mind...

And there is the square green shawl I made "in the round" in circular needles. It is just ok as a lap cover, but it is small and awkward as a shawl. I don't wear shawls anyway, so it doesn't matter


Ces derniers temps j'ai tricoté des choses qui prennent jusqu'à plus d'un mois et donc je ne poste que maintenant.

On a mon haut fuschia que vous avez vu sous sa forme "écharpe", et est maintenant fini, mais comme c'est en acrylique, c'était trop chaud pour porter cet été.

On a le pull d'été marron du livre "Knit to flatter" qui m'a donné du fil à tordre. En coton/acrylique, le fil donne un rendu bizarre, mais surtout le pull était trop court, j'ai du tricoter et coudre une autre bande du bord.

Et on a le chale carré vert tricoté en rond sur circulaires qui est un peu trop petit pour faire chale, mais bon comme mini couverture.

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