Monday, 23 February 2015

Coup de coeur : Teresa Lim

Today I won't writeabout my crafts,but share a "coup de cœur". After all, being inspired by other crafters is part of the creative mind living.

So I was just wandering on the web, from Pinterest to Feedly, etc.... when I came across Teresa Lim's website. Her originality is to make free hand embroideries of the places she visits. It's such an original idea. Ok, it takes a few hours to make, instead of a few seconds to snap a picture, but it's so much more personal.

I've been toying with the idea of having a travel sketchbook, but so far I'm too shy to sit and draw in public. I want to go out and practice locally,  but I live in the north of France,and it's hard to find a sunny dry day, especially in winter.

So you guess I'm far from ready to embroider on the go ! But it got me thinking that I might try free hand embroidery of my drawings. Could be fun. I haven't done that in ages....


Coup de cœur pour Teresa Lim,  qui brode les vues de ses voyages au lieu de dessiner ou de prendre  des photos. Même si je ne suis pas prête à faire de même, cela me donne envie de me remettre à la broderie traditionelle.

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