Sunday, 15 March 2015

Granny blanket finally finished

After  4  years of on and off.... the blanket is finally finished.  I have to say that taking part of thecrochet along really motivated me, and I would like to thank Sandra from Cherry Heart for initiating this.  And thank you to all the people who cheered me up alngthe way.

This was the occasion for me to get myself on Instagram. This time people following me on Facebook and Instagram got the freshest news.

It's a lot faster to post from a tablet than blogger;)

Anyway, the blanket is now9 by 14 squares, in scrap acrylic yarn,  4mm hook, and you can see I added a red and cream border.

I really feared I wouldn't have enough of the cream colour, I even unknitted some items to get more, as I used discontinued yarn.But it was fine in the end.


La couverture est enfin finie, grâce aux  encouragements du crochet along. Je suis maintenant sur Instagram, du coup vous pouvez me chercher là bas aussi. Je crois que mes photos apparaitront en premier là.

J'avais peur de ne pas avoir assez de couleur crème  pour finir, j'ai même défait certains trucs pour être sure d'arriver au bout. Le problème d'utiliser des pelotes qu'on a  récupérées, et pas achetées en magasin ! Mais ça a été pour finir.

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Taneya said...

Beautiful work!!!