Sunday, 22 March 2015

Yellow doily

I know I don't put doilies in my home as they don't fit our modern decor, but I know others (looking at mom and grandma...) who are ready to "sacrifice" themselves to indulge my doily making addiction. I don't know who will adopt this one yet.

Yesterday I bought a mini crochet doily magazine (we have plenty in France), and finished this 20cm doily over the evening. 

I am now making the long version, in white. If this one is done in size 10 thread with a 1.25 mm hook, the white one is done in size 20 thread and a 1 mm hook.


J'adore faire des napperons en crochet, mais ça ne va pas avec mon intérieur, heureusement je trouve toujours des gens pour les adopter. 

Hier j'ai acheté un des nombreux magazines de crochet, et j'ai fait ce napperon en une soirée, en fil 10 et crochet 1.25mm.

Maintenant je fais la version plus longue en fil 20 et crochet 1mm

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Patty Martin said...

Oh so very pretty!

Reminds me of the gorgeous, delicate and very intricate ones my mom used to make. Have no clue whatever happened to them. :/