Wednesday, 6 May 2015

And the finished piece is....

A phone bag ! I made it big enough to slip the smartphone in a hard protection thingy. So the purpose of the pouch isn't to protect the phone, but to make it look pretty, and to be able to hang it on a chair or wherever. I get a "waouh" effect each time I take my phone from my bag, because nobody has ever seen something like this.

The pattern is simply 6 petals flowers made with one shuttle, and with a bead at the base of each ring. Link the flowers to one another as you go. The handle is a sucession of split rings. And voilà !

Now I'm playing around with other motifs that would make other sort of pouches...


Voici une pochette à smart phone en frivolité. Une succession de fleurs à 6 pétales avec des perles.
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