Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cobweb doily tat along progress

As I'm getting back to tatting, I wanted to get requinted with the tatters and the tatting community. In Tatters has moved and is now Craftree, so there I go to see what's new with tatters. And I see there is a tatting along doily, and I joined it !

It's quite a simple doily, although the fact that there are loads of ds on rings and chains make it a bit awkward in the end.

I hope blocking will help solve the problem. I made it white because I intend to give it as Mother's day gift to my grandma, and she doesn't like coloured doilies. And yes, I celebrate my grandma on Mother's day and not grandma's day, because I come from a time when grandma's day didn't exist yet, so... we are creatures of habit ;)

Here are pictures of the doily are round two and round three.

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