Monday, 22 June 2015

An unexpected bargain

Yesterday morning I went to the local market, and they have a big haberdashery stand. On a first look, all they had was generic big balls of size 20 thread.

But talking to the sellers, I told them that I was looking for  fine thread for tatting, and the husband came with a box of 10 DMC cordonnet special, size 30, and an extra bag of 19 balls of different sizes from 100 to 30. They sold all the 29 balls to me for 30 euros.

Do the math, it's just a bit more than 1 euro the ball. I searched the net, and one ball of those is usually sold for 7 to 9 euros. Not to mention that you can't find them in shops. You can wonder how DMC threads are so hard to find in France, their country of origin, and so expensive, compaired to other countries.

Anyway, I now have loads of thread for my tatting. And I made a little scale thingy, the same flower tatted with the different thread sizes. I thought it could be handy at some point.

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