Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Christmas Catch Up

I can't believe it's mid March already. Once again, I'm wondering if blogging is still worth it, what with all the new places on the web and the new technologies, such as Instagram, Facebook and other social thingies. But as always, I use my blog as an archiving journal. What did I make when, and what mood was I in....

So here is a bit of a Christmas summary. In the end the stitching craze was quite short lived. I didn't make anything after the Christmas mice. I went into origami instead. Here are two of the best exemples :

And of course Christmas is the time of cookie making. This year I made a lot, and spread the yummy joy around. I made the Hello Kitty ones for a friends birthday, and DBF was the star at work for bringing colourful treats.

Weirdly enough, I got loads of cookie making gifts for Christmas this year, do you think it's a message in disguise? Anyway, it's Easter soon, time to make some different kinds of cookies...

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