Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Indoor garden

This year I feel like going green in the flat. First we brought back DBF's ficus that went to my grandma's when we moved. Fresh air turned it into a little tree. I wanted it back because they say plants deplute the atmosphere. You will see the ficus and how big it is in a future post about Easter decoration.

But recently I wanted to grow things I can eat. With spring approaching and ecology being in fashion, they sell kits for cress, tomatoes, strawberries. The latest two are quite slow growing, but I have sprouts. Cress is easy to grow, and so good to eat !

I saw some projects on Pinterest and decided to put those aromatic pots on the kitchen walls. Here you see mint (haven't used it for anything yet) and chives (I tend to put it in everything). I also have parsley and coriander, but they are at the end of their lives...

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