Saturday, 16 April 2016

Forever Friends Nightmare

Second freebie stitched this month. But different story. This is an Anchor kit, instead of DMC. And two (ok, three) problems occured.

First, just looking at the pattern, I could only brace myself for an arduous backstitching, out of the holes with a pointy needle. It reminded me of the old days when that lady from Anchor got mad at me for warning people of this difficulty in Anchor kits I reviewed. At least I knew what I was getting into.

Second, error in the colour chart calling for a brown backstitching on the flowers instead of pink, but never mind.

Then this is where we uncounter the real big problem : not enough threads. This NEVER EVER happened with a freebie, from any UK magazine. They usually provide more than enough. Here, at first I was stitching the teddy, and I was having just enough. Just enough is already rare. But it became desperate when I had to make the pink background. I ran out. And I had to use DMC threads to finish the project. And we stitchers know that the colours equivalence is never exact.

 So what happened ? Was it yet another mistake int he colour chart? Should have it been "stitch in one strand" instead of two?

It didn't discourage me, I started another Forever Friends freebie...
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