Sunday, 19 March 2006

Oh my ! where was I?

It took Zohrah's comment to realise that I haven't blogged since... Wednesday !

So I posted this update yesterday evening, but this morning... the databases were out of order. This means no more blog, etc... So let's go to plan B: my place on blogspot. Of course, the design isn't as fancy, but anyway we want to focus on the text here ;)

So Wednesday I started a migaine that kept hold on me all Thursday, and I couldn't just stay in bed as I had important stuff to do at work.

And yesterday I only stitched a little on the geisha, but I'm nearly finished with the background flowers.. and then I'll have the bench to make... and the golden thread. I don't like sparklies. Oh well...

Today I'll have to make my mom's cushion and stuff as well...