Friday, 30 January 2015

Beaded birds

Here are the first critters from the book "Animaux miniatures en perles 2". They are a bit challenging, I think I made the chick's wings the wrong way around.... But mom love them, so I have at least one person to make my little beaded animals for ;)


Voici les premiers oiseaux faits à partir de mon nouveau bouquin. Ce n'est pas évident, je crois que les ailes du poussin sont à l'envers ! Mais ma maman les aime bien, cela me donne une raison d'en faire d'autres !

Friday, 23 January 2015

Coming soon: beaded animals

When you stitch a big project, frog a bit of it, don't stitch much anyway, there isn't much to show or tell. Remember how enthousiastic I was about stitching at the beginning of the month, with so many projects to make, etc.... That was until I looked at the file where I archived the stitched pieces I didn't hang on the walls or gave away. So many stitched fabrics just put in an album... for nothing ! And if you count the 288 something stitched things I made in my life, you understand my discouragement : why bother?

The mini Pluto charm is always on my phone, so it's no problem for it, but a big project that can only be framed (I already havetoo many cushions)... I don't think I need to stitch it as fast as a sewing machine ;)

I wonder what are you thoughs about it, especially the long time stitchers out there with walls filled with framed stitches....

Needless to say I spent more time reading and playing video games (Farmville 2 Country Escape, Hungry cat picross on Android, and Fantasy Life on 3DS)

Then yesterday I came across this great book about making beaded animals. If you follow my blog you know I made quite a few already. I had the first book a few years ago, and this one is even better !!!
I hesitated between buying it straight away or buying on Amazon, and ended up buying in the shop at the editor's price of 10 euros. After all, it couldn't be much cheaper on the web, and I didn't want to wait for the delivery. I had to check afterwards, and I realised how lucky my move was : only second hand available at 23 euros minimum !

Now I have to start beading....

Friday, 9 January 2015

Winter Fairy progress 3

I had to dig deep into the blog to find when I last posted about this project. February 2010. Looks like I worked hard on it for about a week, then left it 5 years. Now that's what I would call an UFO !!!

Of course I'm in a white/very light grey/ very light blue zone, not ideal  to start stitching again after years of absolutely no stitching ! How, well....


J'ai du creuser loin pour retrouver quand j'ai commencé ce projet. Février 2010. On dirait que j'ai travaillé dur dessus pendant 1 semaine, puis plus rien pendant 5 ans ! En prime, je suis dans une zone riche en blanc, gris presque blanc et bleu presque blanc... une joie pour recommencer le point de croix !

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sapin biscornu

Ah, the first finish of the year ! Of course it was started last year ;)

And yes, I start the new year with stitching a winter biscornu. I counted the fabric a bit short (only2 aida squares extra in some places, but sewing the 2 pieces wasn't so complicated. In my memory biscornus were harder than that ;)

I also took a picture of it flat, so you can see the pattern bet;ter. I used this pattern, but added stars.


Premier truc fini de l'année, un biscornu d'hiver.... J"ai aussi pris la photo à plat pour voir le dessin. Le modèle est ici.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Totoro pendouillette

After mini Pluto, I made a Totoro, this time on aida fabric, to try and stitch a front and back, and turn it into a charm.

The result isn't quite as good as I expected, actually i don't know really what I expected, I suppose it's a bit bulky or something.... But I still love it ;)

You can see the flat version prior to the finnishing down here.


Après Pluto, j'ai fait un Totoro, cette fois-ci sur toile aida, avant et arrière, mais le résultat me semble un peu bizarre, trop gros ou je ne sais pas quoi, mais je l'aime bien quand même...

Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas in beads

Before we dive into the new year.... here is a picture of the Christmas scene I made with hama beads. I made the gingerbread house a few years ago, but the little characters were made on Christmas eve.

I don't craft much at the moment, I'm playing with "Fantasy Life" 3DS that Father Chistmas brought me, it's quite addictive.

Scene de neige en perles à repasser hama. Sinon j'ai beaucoup joué à fantasy Life 3DS