Friday, 24 March 2017

Nearly one year....

Since I came this way ! I had started a loooooong message 6 mois or so ago. But I will spare you too much text.

So what changed?

- I lost my grandma after a long stay in hospital, and that really got to me.
- I started playing Bass Guitar to join DBF's band (a way to compensate the loss above)
- I started a computer coding course. Back to school for 9 month, and hope for a change of career.

So as going to class every day and try to stick loads of data in my brain is a bit tiring (and time consuming), crafting was completely abandonned. I don't think doing a bit of origami with a classmate counts much.

But now I'm doing an internship before getting my degree, and I'm back to cross stitching. DBF thinks that there is a link between having a job and stitching somehow. It sure feels like "before".

For the moment I' working on old projects, but the ultimate question will rise soon : what to do with all those finished pieces? Especially when you are a techno geek like me?

And what kind of app could I develop for stitchers?

An idea.... you know where to find me...