Saturday, 23 December 2006

More pictures?

Yesterday I stitched at Mom's... and so the house is nearly finished (it's a bit dark to see the blue/purple) :

And here is the Christmas Ficus, with my ornaments (mom and grandma managed to get an ornament from me each !) :

Friday, 22 December 2006

Back to blogger....

Apparently my website is out again, so we are back in here.

Yesterday I had a wonderful time with Lili, exploding the bank. We went to the Maison en Tissus in the morning, and in Belgium in the afternoon.

This shop was very interesting, you have to dig to find treasures, but for exemple I found Legend of Dragons chart I was looking for a long time...
Of course, we mixed bags, and so I have one of Lili's, and she has one of mine. Not a real issue as we had planned to meet on Tuesday next week.

Today I'm at my parents, and my grandma is also there. I gave her some homework to do: finishing Winter Wonderland ! SO here is my new cuddly pillow...

I haven't stitched much since Tuesday, but thanks to Lili I found some nice Needle Necessities colours she let me borrow.... I think you'll like it ! But it will be for later....

Monday, 18 December 2006

Wanderings of Monday morning

I plunged and got the beta version of Blogger... and got a fright when I thought they stripped this blog of design (on the day I spent an hour doing it), and content. But apparently they just created a new blog to correspond to my gmail adress. Useless.

I solved the mystery of the comments. On beta blogs, if you comment and you are asked for your google or blogger username and pass, you can only give your google ID.

I also noticed that my Links list was out of date, so for clarity of design, I report you to my Bloglines list, which is even more complete than my usual one.

Yesterday I started making Winter Wonderland into a cushion or quilt, when I realised I didn't feel like fighting against my sewing machine, and I'd rather leave my grandma do it. We'll have all Friday to do that...

After a search for my passport 2 weeks ago, my "on the go" pouch, it was my bright orange project folder to play hide and seek with me. But I won. Oh, and my brand new halogen lamp broke too, I had to change the bulb. Now I hope it will last longer ! Otherwise I will just buy a regular floor lamp !

I started Winter eve from Country Cottage Needleworks, on dark blue linen Lili sent me a few weeks ago. She has stitched this design on natural linen as intended, and she feels it's a bit mute. Plus everybody stitched this design on natural linen, so I wanted to change.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Site down, Winter Wonderland finished

Ok. Since yesterday during the day, I have no access to my regular website, and I suppose you too. And it's a real annoyance, as I was going to make a great tutorial to make round ornie, and generally work on my website. And now I can't do any of this. And Blogger doesn't want to change my profile, not a happy puppy ! Ok, accepted to change my whole design, it's not so bad.

But I hate having that stupid crochet cat as a profile picture ! I might have to disable the whole thing....

Most of my Christmas trip preparations are done, I even havea new halogen lamp thanks to Argos... But I had to be in town at 9am, (after going to bed at 1am) to be there before everybody else.

So here is a picture of Winter Wonderland I finished last night. I hate working on evenweave, linen rocks ! Why? it seems I see the holes better, with evenweave I'm always afraid I would miscount. But hey, extra care makes this piece totally mistake free !!!! A miracle?

I love this piece. It ooks nothing like the original piece. Of course,I changed most of the colours... I think I should finish it as a quilted frame. A regular frame wouldn't fit in my suitcase, and just would go with DBF's decorations. So I'll have to fight with my sewing machine later today...

I see the question "what next?" coming... I started preparing "Country stitcher. city stitcher", and I had to change a few threads (am I too cheap to by more DMC colours, or is it the impression that I already have too many?). My trip project will be the Margaret Sherry cat freebie.

I also packed a Jane Greenoff mini sampler. But I have the impression I will be finished with all this before the end of my holidays, so I might add some stuff... Plus I don't want to start "Country Stitcher" now, so I think I will start the Coutry Cottage Needleworks "house with ewe" that everybody had already stitched...

As you can see, I feel like blabbing, and my website is dead, not happy ! I feel I will extend the use of my mailing list to "breakdown" migrations...