Friday, 2 November 2007

Acorn Hill update

Little by little, I''m stitching on the Acorn Hill project. This will be the last Fall project of the year I guess.

You can see I'm taking quite some liberties with the colours. If I used some variegated colours for the green and orange, the browns will only be variegated on the words and the border. This is to get more control over the final look.

The grass has to be stitched in diagonal with variegated, and the effect is stunning (in my opinion). Very original.

In other matters, I finally got my issues of CrossStitcher and WOCS, not that I missed them much... I bought CrossStitch Crazy yesterday, because there were some mini Christmas frames and lovely mini fairies.

Other than that, not much happens... I tried to get my blog on blogspot look roughtly like the one on my website, it's still not perfect, and its still missing elements, but... you get the idea. Anything you really want to see in here (and that is possible in Blogspot), tell me as I intend to spend my big week end stitching, and not webdesigning (it will probably be for next week end).
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