Saturday, 10 November 2007

CrossStitcher December 2007

Not so long ago I decided to unsubscribe from magazines. And of course, stop the magazine reviews the way I used to make them. I was less and less interested in what was in UK magazines, and reviews were becoming more and more grumpy and not so nice to magazines and designers.

And I personally think it's unfair to make negative reviews when some people with different tastes than mine might enjoy the magazine designs. I think a bad review has more impact than me simply saying "I didn't like any of the designs in this magazines, so I don't buy it".

So from now on I will make the occasional reviews, on things I like. Remain on the positive side, and leave the negative on the personal taste level. And we will begin with the review of December CrossStitcher, because I think it's good ;)

Freebie: teddy Christmas kit from Andree Langhorn. This kit in itself justifies to buy this issue. Not only is the design lovely and delicate, but there is also metallic thread and a star charm. Not to mention the mount.

The only thing is that the threads provided are the crappy looking ones from China. Meaning you will have to be careful not to waste them, because you won't find a replacement in your DMC or Anchor collection. And there is also a weird orange "light mahogany" looking very different from the model pictures...

First we have a Sheila Hudson orchid. If I'm not found of those big flowers, I like the way it's mounted, like a painting canvas. It gives it a modern look. She also made purple cushion with flowers and butterflies. And a dragon.

Then we have a cake band sleigh from Joanne Sanderson. Each individual sleigh might make a nice ornament, or together as a banner, but... on a cake? But don't worry, there are other ideas... I like the mantel piece garland, where you can hang cards on.

Next we have the 4 seasons kitties from Margaret Sherry. I like the idea of sewing them on a bag, even if I won't do that. I feel like stitcher the Autumn one, with the fallen leaves.

Lesley Teare has made a flowers and butterflies bed linen and cushion set. It's very delicate, but it's not to my taste ;)

Jenny Barton made Christmas cards with words. Then we have an Hello Kitty pattern from DMC. This would be a great idea to start a little girl stitching...

"Walking in a winter wonderland" fron the Historical Sampler Company is a radical change from the rest of the designs, more traditional. I like it.

The ABC is things from the sea, and the Margaret Sherry "one letter a month" is "M for monkey". Come on. M for mice? where did that go? Things are really going nowhere...

Zoe Patching made pet bowl designs. Original idea for a gift for a dog or cat owner, but it won't come cheap, as the bowl for insert is 10 pounds !!!!

Helen Philipps made a family tree, very cute and rustic.

Diane Machin made "get well soon" cards.

There you have it. I might stitch the freebie and the MS cats.
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