Monday, 19 November 2007

First snow !!!!

As planned, I finished Simply Snowdays yesterday. Still have to turn it into something like a banner... The end was a bit fiddly, because of the precise backstitching and french knots on the birds.

Now I'm officially stitching "Gifts of the season" from Gail Bussi. It's coming from Cross Stitch Gold from last year. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this pattern. I don't know why. Sometimes I feel like it's the cutetest thing, and sometimes i find it too naive.

Right now I'm just not so sure about the fabric I took: DMC 32ct winter white linen. There's ahuge difference between DMC and Zweigart linens. French linen are close to Zweigart. But these prepacked DMC linens are weird: the holes are so big you can see through the fabric, it's quite transparent.

From a stitcher point of view, the first difficulty that comes up is that you can't carry over at the back. I do that a lot. So it will be a problem for me... I'll have to be super careful I guess...

I also stitch gifts. Now that I don't have the "password protected posts" feature, I decided to send by email my gift finishes. If you previously subscribe to the password access list, I still have your email, so you're all set. But if you are a recent reader, just give me your email at angelsan1 at gmail dot com

Note that in blogger I don't see the commenter's emails, so I can't guess your email if you just comment.

Well, off to work now...
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