Sunday, 18 November 2007

Last wip of Simply Snowdays

What happens when you stitch something so long it doesn't fit the A4 size scanner, and you're on a grey windy day in the UK? Sub-optimal pictures.

Yesterday I was a bit on the down side, so I didn't stitch much, but I hope to be finished with this project by tonight. I just have white/3865 patches, and a little of backstitching.

It's funny to see how in certain lights white and 3865 are identical, but in others 3865 is a bit creamy. There is also a sort of "texture" difference". 3865 is more visible and dense on this cloudy blue fabric than white.

I will turn this into a banner of some sort, so I can display it on the mantel piece.

The next project... I don't know. I dug up some Sanman Originals snowmen patterns, but also some freebies, and there are still the ornaments in mind. I feel a bit frustrated because I'm still waiting for my order from 123 Stitch, which includes 2 winter projects from CCN and LHN. What blocks the process is the Gingerbread Cottage pattern that is back ordered.

Does that sound familiar, Jenn? I think american companies just wait until the whole order is there to send it, while British companies send stuff one by one if necessary. There seem to be a difference in postage policies, as int h US they charge you a lot, and in the UK you get low or free postage.

I just hope to get my order before Dec 20th, so I can stitch that over the holidays, that would be great !!!

The "in and out" feed is fun. I would have never have guessed I had visitors from so many countries !!!

Sue, Blogline is what they call a feed aggregator. Blogs have an extra page called the rss feed, which is basically the posts of the blog in some special format that programs like Bloglines or Google reader can read and display on their site.

People get an account on these websites, and decide to "subscribe" to blogs. So instead of visiting each individual blog, they just go to Bloglines, and they have a list of blogs they read over there. You can see when a blog is updated so it's a real time saver !!!

You can click on the bloglines links on the right to see how it is...
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