Saturday, 17 November 2007

Start of the week end !

A new week end arrives, the weather doesn't call you outside... and you have no obligation stuff to do. How does that sound?

Yesterday evening and this morning I made this little "humburg". I would call it a "berlingot". I'm used to see concentrated sweet milk packaged like that ;)

I followed this tutorial, but used Cindy Valentine's little gingerbread people from her sampler in The Gift of CrossStitching. I also added blue Rhodes diamonds. The surrounding is in 4210 red DMC variation, button hole stitches. The cord is from the same thread.

The red on the gingerbread people is red beads.

This is a first attempt, and next time I see I will have to focus on putting stuff under the gingerbread people.

Here is Simply Snowdays as we speak.

Now for a true story. The snowmen are calling for DMC 3865. I couldn't find any in Hobbycraft, but I ordered it along with other threads and fabric from Sew Discounted on Wednesday night.

Yesterday I got my order, but no DMC 3865 !!!! Apparently, a rarified colour... White with a creamy twist, but not quite cream like DMC712.

As you can see, the letters and most of the rest of the design is done, so I felt I had no choice but stop and do something else until I get DMC 3865.

But this morning, I got an enveloppe from Sew Discounted with the skein... I'm saved !!! I think that's why I like to order from Sew Discounted and Sew and So: they will dispatch what they have as soon as possible (if you order in the morning, you could get stuff the following day), even if the order isn't complete.

Now on to replying to comments...

June, I'm glad you liked your visit to Lille. I love that town, with the mix of new and old, and the convinience of transport and the atmosphere...

Anonymous (please sign your comments, name or nickname, otherwise I have to call you "Anonymous", it's a bit ridiculous;) ), even if people are attracted by my magazines reviews, well, though, I'm not going to buy magazines just so they know they can spend their money for something else ! I get no money from blogging and making the reviews. But magazines cost loads of money. Here in the UK it's nearly 4 pounds a magazine, Multiply by the number of magazines and issues... That's a lot of money I could use to by nice stash with, especially if no chart interest me in the mag !!!

So I will make reviews if I buy magazines. That's the reality of life, nothing's really free ;)

Alfine, you had a good point about checking Bloglines. This blog has 12 subscribers. But if you check the my old blog, there are 50. Now, why don't people change their subscription??? I give up

Now, blog wise, you might notice the feed on the left. I find it fun to see people coming in and out...
On the right I'v added a "Vote for me" button... I joined the Crafters blogs Top sites thing. Just for fun, really. I don't really have any hope of climbing in the top, but it's really up to you to click if you want ;)

Time for breakfast before sorting out my stitching stuff: I have threads, beads, fabric all over the living room, it's very uninspirational....
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