Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas Heirloom reappears, and the blog changes

Well, after finishing the Gingerbread cottage, I didn't know what to stitch.

I still didn't feel like stitching ornaments... and then I fell on the Victoria Sampler Christmas Heirloom.

I started it on and off earlier this year, not feeling in the Christmas mood. But now... maybe?

After all those easy JHN and CCN (blocks of crosses), I felt like stitching something a bit more challenging.

So that when I get more LHN patterns for Christmas, I would be in the easy mood again.

As you can see, I gave up on the intricate nightmarish tree, and did band 2: the presents. And now it's band 3: Christmas lace.

The challenge here is the size, and working with silks and perle threads. Plus the speciality threads and beads.

I don't expect to finish it this side of Christmas, but... Little by little...

Yesterday I also framed Gingerbread Cottage. I used the frame I first bought for Acorn Hill before switching for a darker frame. I was lucky enough to take the picture during the only hour of sun of the day !!

And of course I change my blog to winter. Not much imagination there... But on the top right you can see what my mantel piece looks like now, with winter cushions and stuff...

Now I'm going to do some different crafts... more in future posts !

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