Saturday, 8 December 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... not

Here in the UK we have an ad with that Christmas song... But I can't say it would apply to me this year...

You might have seen the "punkymoods" pictures getting very cranky and more, but no explanation on this blog.That's because I keep this blog "craft related" most of the time. Plus there's not much to tell about my life ;) But I have to admit to be in a very dark period.

First, my tenants in my previous house are not paying the rent. When you rely on that money to pay mortgages and it happens just after you moved (more spending than usual) and close to Christmas "do I have to say it again? more spending...), it's not a good combinaison.

Second, I got sick last Friday. Spent most of the week in bed (on Thursday I made an attempt to go to work and I was sent back home !!!!). It seems to be a big cold, but what worries me is that cough... plus the headaches that can be related to point number 3...

Someone stole my bike in my garage. No trace of effraction. Yesterday morning I just realised it was missing. Could be missing for some time I guess. The only possibility I see is that someone came in during the one hour I went shopping on Wednseday, and didn't lock the garage. A garage that is locked at all times usually. But there you go, I was sick, the weather was horrible, and I didn't feel like making that extra key turn.

To top it up, I noticed a red bike in my neighbours garden on Wednesday afternoon. Of course I didn't know my bike was missing at that point, so I didn't pay much attention... and now it's out of sight in their shed. Could it be mine?

I would have never thought I would have to deal with the police only 2 months after moving... It's not so much for the bike, I never use it, but it's the fact that someone came into my property that bugs me !!! What next?

So yes, I get super headaches that no pain killer can kill... but apparently it's stress as when I sleep or calm down, the pain goes away.

So it's time to play the "glad game" (cf PollyAnna):
- I have all the presents, just need to wrap them. No more running around in the shops, I could just enjoy the Christmas lights in town centre.
- D-12 of holidays. 2 weeks of good company, good food, and no caring.
- Any object I care for has no money value: less fear of burglars.
- Headache gone, I hope for a long time.
- My panier de brodeuse joined the club of more than 100 made on the creator's blog.
- Gingerbread Cottage finished !

Yes, it seems like I stitched like a tortoise while others on the LHCHN yahoogroup sped like hares... But there it is !!!! I messed up the border a little bit, it's not the right distance from the design, but... who cares?

I plan on framing that one. I have too many cushions already ! This design might look "bubblegum" on this fabric, but hey, it's for Christmas !!!!

I forgot, Danielle, the little gingerbread men ornament is a humburg, I used the tutorial here.

Anyway, I have no idea what to stitch next, I don't feel like stitching... I think I will try felt stuff and paper cards (The latest Papercraft mag has Margaret Sherry Charlie bear decoupages in it!)
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