Wednesday, 5 December 2007

D-15 holidays

Couldn't find a better title... I'm stuck home with laringitis or something like that... I never coughed that much in my life ! But my audition is back (I couldn't hear from my right ear yesterday!) and seem to be back to "big cold".

Gingerbread Cottage isn't progressing fast... there is something about that project that doesn't motivate me much.. I don't know what... Too pink?

Yesterday I made those felt robinand reindeer. It's an old DMC kit I got in a discounter years ago, for just 1. 50 pounds.

I also finished this Blue Ribbon freebie into an ornament on felt.

And you see of course my "ornament tree", which is just a mug tree from Asda. I use some blue tack to hold the ornaments in place.
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