Sunday, 13 January 2008

Now, that's an idea....

I was having a break from Snowflakes (I hate making borders, and this one is... very detailed), checking the discussion on Lili's blog about why we are stitching, and what would become of it when we die, would we care and such, when Teejay mentionned an idea she had:

Scrapbooking your stitched pieces.

Now, that sounds like a good idea for the stuff still lying around in drawers... I have papercraft bits I would probably never use otherwise... so there you go... I might try that.

In the meantime, go to Teejay's blog, "The Passion of My Needle", to see how she's doing it !


Je faisais un break de broderie sur Snowflakes (je deteste les bordures, et elle la a trop de details!!!), je verifiais l'etat de la discussion sur pourquoi on brode sur le blog de Lili, quand teejay donne l'idee du siecle:

Mettre ses broderies en scrapbooking.

Voila quelque chose que je pourrais faire, surtout avec les trucs qui trainent dans mes tiroirs, et les elements de papercraft que j'ai deja.

Donc visitez le site de Teejay, "The Passion of My Needle", pour voir comment elle fait !
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