Saturday, 12 January 2008

Pre week end update: Cinderella and Snowflakes

Well, it seems yesterday was a regular blogfest... I have to admit I had fun !!!!

It's Saturday morning, and I plan on stitching a lot this week end, enless I kinda give up. So we need pictures.

First, Cinderella, where you won't see any significant changes unless you want to play "spot the differences" with the previous picture.

I did try some metallic leaves in the middle. Blue and black to make green. odd but true. These a Madeira Rainbow metallics. I had Cinderella as a Leisure Craft kit (a UK company that sells Mirabilia and Lavender Lace patterns, and also kit what you need). They replaced the Kreinik threads by Madeira, because they are supposed to be easier to use. As I never really used Kreinik, I can only say it's better than DMC metallics ;)

The over all plan is to stitch the back of the dress, little by little.

But then yesterday I remembered Snowflakes is a SAL, and it is coming to an end, so I decided to work onthat this week end. Mostly.

My problem with the project was the dark fabric, and although it's a sunny morning in good old England, I would have difficulties seeing properly without my daylight lamp. I wonder how I ever lived without it...

So here is a picture, mostly for Sue W (stitcherw) who is a fan of my colour changes and encourages me to persue this project. Yesterday evening I stitched "wflakes" and the begining of the green border.

Now, a bit of discussion from yesterday...

The first bit was how we are "fashion victims" as stitchers... I'm a first victim, I'm so inspired by you all... But i can't help but notice you also are under influence ! Otherwise, how would we explain that at some point most blogs show samplers only, or Mirabilia, etc... ?

Pink Canary pointed me out that she got the new Joan Elliott book, "Women's world in cross stitch". When I looked from UK sites, and even the David and Charles (editor) site, it's said to be out in March 08. But apparently it's already out inthe US??? how come?

Zohrah, glad to see you back (a little bit) and that the cross stitch bug called you home... I know how hard it is to resist a magazine when they show something we like on the cover !!!


Beaucoup d'action sur le blog hier... j'aime ca !!! Avant de commencer mon week end de broderie... des photos !

Tout d'abord Cendrillon. Et a moins que vous ne vouliez jouer au jeu des differences, vous ne verrez rien de notable par rapport a la photo precedente. En fait, j'ai essaye les metallques avec leseuilles du milieu. C'est du Madeira a la place du Kreinik demande. Une substitution faite par Leisure Craft, qui fait des kits avec les Mirabilias et Lavender Lace.

D'apres eux, ces fils sont plus faciles a utiliser car totalement metalliques. Tout ce que je peux dire c'est que c'est plus agreable que les fils DMC metalliques ;)

Hier je me suis souvenue que Snowflakes est un SAL, et que ca se terminait bientot. Donc ce projet va venir en priorite... Depuis la derniere fois j'ai brode "wflakes" et commence la bordure verte. J'avais arrete ce projet car je ne voyais pas bien les trous dans ce tissu fonce. Mais ma lampe Daylight a regle le probleme. Comment ai-je vecu sans?

Maintenant, un peu de discussions...

La premiere etait le fait qu'on etait "fashion victims". On peut dire que je suis hautement influencee par les autres blogs, et cela entraine souvent des achats impulsifs. Mais je constate que les autres sont pareils, car on peut voir la population des brodeuses faire les memes projets quasi en meme temps, des samplers, des Mirabilias...

Pink Canary a eu le nouveau livre de Joan Elliott, "Women's world in CrossStitch", et le plus bizarre est que l'editeur (UK) annonce la sortie pour mars, alors que les US l'ont deja !!!
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