Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Awarded to make somebody's day...

Pink Canary just awarded me with this "You make my day" award. I love reading blogs, even if I'm not the best commenter in the world. Sometimes I just have time to skip from one blog to the next on my Bloglines, but also sometimes I can't find anything to say that hasn't been said before, so I remain silent.
Like many of us, many bloggers "make my day". You can see the links all over my blog page. If there's a blog I like to visit, I subscribe to it in my Bloglines, and I go as soon as there's an update.
But I want to play by the rules, so I will also nominate 10 people. I chose my friends, obviously, and tried to nominate people who haven't been nominated yet (which eliminated Pink Canary from the list, even if she should be on there ;)
Nominees please carry this forward by choosing 10 blogs to nominate, and tell the people in a comment on their blog.


Pink Canary vient de me donner un "You make my day award". dans l'ideal, je devrais nominer tous les blogs qui sont presents sur ma page, vu que ce sont les blogs presents dans mon Bloglines, et que je lis des qu'ils sont mis a jour.

Mais pour prolonger le jeu, j'ai nomine 10 personnes, celles avec qui j'ai le plus de contact, tout en evitant celles qui ont deja ete nominees, ce qui n'est pas toujours facile,e t a enleve Pink canary de la liste, alors qu'elle devrait y etre ;)
J'espere que les nominees prolongeront le jeu en nominant 10 blogs a leur tour, et en avertissant ces personnes par commentaire sur leur blog.
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