Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The girl with the biggest skirt ever

Curly Q Ewe in the thread... With just touches of Weeping willow missing. The hardest was the skirt. So much to stitch I nearly had to use all my 5 yards of pickled beets.

I love the colours of the clothes though... This time we can see variations in the CC threads.

Earlier I took the opportunity that Ehandcraft was doing free postage to get some more Crescent Colours threads, alongside with Home of a needleworker (too), garden girl and Everybody does the hop.

If you enjoyed seing the Love cats grow, maybe you will want to see Patternnuts stitch hers. knowing how difficult the project is, and it's her first Margaret Sherry pattern on top of it... please go and encourage her to continue !


Curly Q Ewe apparait... dans une jupe geante. Il m'a fallu preque toute l'echevette de fil pour la faire !!!!

Tout a l'heure j'ai passe commande a Ehandcrafts de fils Crescent Colours (commeles vetements de la fille), et de quelques charts, profitant que les frais de port etaient gratos.

Si vous avez aime les petits chats que je viens de broder, allez encourager Patternnuts qui est entrain de les broder. Connaissant la difficulte du projet et le fait que c'est son premier Margaret Sherry, elle risque d'en avoir besoin !
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