Monday, 11 February 2008

Now, this is better...

Despite what Lili would tell me, we are social beings... I was talking to my glasses escapade to a collegue,and she suggested Vision Express, as they make the glasses in shop. So after work I visited them, and the lady said she could only shage the pads for bigger ones, because she couldn't widen the metal parts being already against the glass. Nice and patient, she changed the pads and bingo !

Not only it doesn't hurt anymore, but I see as usual... And all this free of charge !

So it should be ok, at least better than before, as this afternoon I had to put my lab glasses on to relieve the pain !!!

No stitching so far, byt I bought "Quick cards made easy" for the Margaret Sherry teddies decoupage, and "Classic Inspirations", an Embroidery magazine I didn't know.

Heidi, don't feel bad, you made my day by choosing me, I never get tagged ;)


Quoique Lili en dise, nous somme des etres sociaux... Et en parlant avec une collegue, elle me dit d'essayer Vision Express (je crois que c'est la version anglaise de Grand Optical) car ils font les lunettes sur place. Du coup, j'y suis allee apres le boulot, et la dame, gentille et patiente, m'a mis des pads plus grands, et tada !!!! vision comme avant, et plus de douleur !!!!

J'ai pas encore brode, mais j'ai achete un mag avec des decoupages de nounours Margaret Sherry, etun de broderie que je ne connaissais pas...
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