Friday, 7 March 2008

Finishes and my bunny in grey

First free week end in a while: I was waiting for it, to do some sewing and more crafts... Well, maybe not.

Yesterday evening I came down with a sore throat. In my case, it's the first sign of a "3 nights in bed" period, so on top of the pain, it's frustrating to see that happen just before the week end. Not to mention that I have to take care of my cells at work, they need daily supervision.

Anyway, yesterday I made.... an egg ! A felt egg one of course. I'm not really happy with the way it turned out. I made the rose, and the 2 weird looking leaves. I had to compensate with the rest...

And on Tuesday I made a little pincushion flower for my mom.

And, final point of the "show and tell", Terry Ann stitched my little bunny, in grey, so come have a look over here.

I have to agree with you, Pink canary, and stitcherw, Easter seems to come early, and I don't really feel like making decorations for it.

patternnuts, don't worry, I have to admit I had to dig a bit in order to find my original answer to the "7 things"... Maybe i should post less ;)

Elisabeth, I have to agree with you: the best stitching show in London is Alexandra Palace in October. The place is huge, and even if they have loads of paper, there's also loads of stitching and quilting. I was kinda sad I wasn't able to go this year because of my move ! Olympia has its charms as well. It's lead by the magazines, and they have the added bonus of having the designers there to chat with us. But it's a lot smaller than Alexandra palace... Cozy?

Oh, and the so called "discount kits" are actually more expensive than on the web !!!! So...

Generally speaking, I don't understand the latest paper craze. You spend a lot of money to make cards... or a photo album... Not to mention that a 5 years old can do it. So where is the challenge and sense of achievement? The debate is open...


Mon premier week end ou je m'attendais a faire plein de trucs, de couture et de bricolage, et vlan ! mal de gorge. Chez moi, ce'st le premier signe du gros rhume qui me colle au lit pendant 3 jours. donc en plus de la douleur, c'est frustrant !!!! Sans compter qu'au boulot mes petites cellules ont besoin de mon attention quotidienne....

Bon, hier j'ai fait... un oeuf. Je le trouve pas terrible, j'ai du compenser la grosse rose et les feuilles bizarres avec le reste. Enfin, c'est un coup d'essai... En plus, comme disent pink canary et Stitcherw, Paques arrive tot cette annee, et j'ai pas la motivation pour faire des trucs sur ce theme.

Mardi j'ai fait un pique aiguille fleur pour ma maman.

Et finalement Terry Ann a borde mon petit lapin en gris, venez voir ca !!!
Je dois dire que je suis assez envieuse de celles qui vont aller a l'Aiguille en fete ce week end a Paris... Ma derniere expo ayant ete un desastre papetier...

D'ailleurs, je me demande toujours pourquoi les trucs papiers sont tellement a la mode? Il faut acheter les elements hyper chers, pour faire des trucs qu'un gamin de 5 ans peut faire. Ou est le challenge et le sens de l'accomplissement? The debat reste ouvert...
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