Thursday, 20 March 2008

If you really wonder...

(My mom did)
It's Thursday evening, I'm about to embark on my Easter voyage via Eurostar to France, and... I'm still sick. Most likely the flu. But travelling won't be easy, especially when you have lovely "cough crisis" that might appear like you are going to die, and barf (that's the sound it makes). And I have a weeping eye, and blocked nose, and the weather is super crap outside.

That sums it up !

Obviously, I didn't stitch since Sunday, and I barely managed to prep "Garden Girl" so it's ready to stitch whenever...

NB: Lili, got your package, thank you so much !!!! See you on Saturday, hopefully better.


Au cas ou vous poseriez la question.... on est Jeudi Soir, sur le point de partir en voyage de Paques a Lille, et je suis toujours malade ! Apparemment, ca serait la grippe, avec en prime une toux a faire peur, et un oeil qui pleure continuellement. Super !

Depuis dimanche, zero broderie, et j'ai a peine eu le courage de preparer Garden Girl. Donc voila...
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