Sunday, 16 March 2008

Struck down by fever

If you stay in bed with a big cold most of the week, you don't expect to be sick again, and with fever this time????

I'm totally mad at life... On Friday, I made 2 extra bunnies. A little lady, with shawl and a flower, and a blue one. All was fine... Just a bit of headache due to my new glasses nobody seems to fit correctly to my face, and the lenses are a bit stronger...

Yesterday morning, woke up early and was finished shopping before 9am !!!! I was on a roll. I made those little chicks and flowers with cookie cutters and fimo.

I started making my big bag, and worked on it for about 6 hours. It's near completion, I need to make the bottom and the handles.

Around midday, i started to have a sore throat... and by 4pm I was shivering with fever ! Needless to say my night wasn't very restful.

Add to that the fact that I can't stop and stay in bed this week, it's really really unfair !!!!


Quand on est malade et qu'on reste au lit le plus gros de la semaine, on ne s'attend tout de meme pas a retomber malade si vite, et avec de la fievre en prime, non?

Vendredi, tout allait bien, j'ai fait les deux petits lapins en crochet.

Hier, j'ai commence sur les chapeaux de roue avec les courses finies avant 9h du mat, et des pendouillettes en fimo. Puis j'ai bosse sur mon sac, et j'aid u travailler dessus environ 6h au total. Vers midi, j'ai commence a avoir mal a la gorge, et a 4h je frissonnais de fievre.

Ce qui m'ennerve le plus est que je ne peux pas m'arreter cette semaine, donc... panique !
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