Monday, 31 March 2008

Still alive?

We are entering week 3 of sore throat... and sticky eye. My immune system has a hard time getting rid of whatever is inside of me...

I finished the secret stitch, just got o my website to check it out. And request the password if you don't have it.

Here you can see I'm finished with the Curly Q Ewe bag !!!

It's quite big, a bit more than A4 size, with a zipped pocket inside on one side, and three pockets on the other side.

I don't feel like blogging at the moment, as I'm facing problems at work.

But you could argue that stitching is therapeutic and might help with depression and such...

All this to say my production will probably decrease, and be less creative for a while. And posts will be less light hearted ;)


ma sante a du mal a se repprendre: 3e semaine de mal de gorge, et oeil toujours un peu collant...

J'ai fini ma broderie secrete, et pour la voir il faudra aller sur mon site et utiliser le mot de passe (suffit de le demander !)

Voici enfin le sac Curly fini, qui est assez grand (environ format A4). L'interieur a une pochette zippee,e t de l'autre cote 3 pochettes ouvertes.

je n'ai pas vraiment envie de blogger en ce moment vu que je dois faire face a des problemes au boulot. En cette periode deprimante, vous me direz que la broderie serait therapeutique, mais ma production risque d'etre moins creative que d'habitude. Et mes posts risquent d'etre moins gais aussi ;)

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