Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Still there

I'm quite busy for the moment... so I can't really show any progress picture.

After Curly Q Ewe was finished, I started "Every bunny do the hop" from Lizzie Kate, on Spruce Blue 32ct. The colour used being quite light, a dark fabric made sense. Problem is it's hard to stitch in the evening, so I might have to do that as a "daylight week end" project. So I took Cinderella again and progressed a little bit. It's such a big design you can't see the progress, actually, but I have faith that stitching little by little the project will eventually be finished.

I'm glad you like my new fabrics and my Curly Q Ewe. For some reason the fabric looks whiteish instead of marbled green, but hey....

Patternnuts tagged me, but unfortunatly I already answered the 7 questions about me here. Once again, if you haven't replied to this yet, consider yourself tagged.


Je suis assez occupee en ce moment... donc j'ai aps vraiment de photos a montrer.

Des que j'ai fini Curly, j'ai commence "Every bunny do the hop" de Lizzie Kate, sur du lin 12 fils bleu fonce. D'apres les couleurs des fils, et le fait que le lapin est blanc, une toile foncee se justifiait, mais c'est dur a broder le soir, donc j'ai repris "Cinderella", laissant le lapin pour le plein jour du week end. Je sais que je n'avance que pas a pas sur Cinderella, mais a force, je suis sure que j'en viendrai a bout !!!

Je suis contente que vous aimiez mes tissus et Curly, c'est dommage qu'on ne voit pas plus le vert sur la photo.

Patternnuts m'a taggee, mais j'ai deja repondu ici....
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