Saturday, 18 August 2012

The challenge cardigan

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Everything started with my favourite hoodie going in the washing machine one time too much. It's still ok, to wear, but I doubt it would live much longer.

I felt that as a knitter and crocheter, I should make my own, but I never made a jumper before, and all my projects are small. I fear that a whole jumper would get boring quickly.

But then I came across this pattern. I know it's originally for a little girl, but the pattern itself is very adaptable. Plus it's knitted all in one go, So I wanted to start straight away. Problem is that it was 7am, and I had to wait till the wool shop opens at 10am. But it's summer, so I was home at 11am, without having to fight the market crowd or anything.

It's knitted straight, but on circular needle because of the raglan increase. And because I have to handle the whole front, back and sleeves at once, I'm using 2 circular needles already.

Here is how it looks after 1 day of knitting :

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