Friday, 1 August 2014

A tree of rainbow loom critters

Once again, I left this blog silent for a long while. Can't be crafty and showy all the time. Unless you've been living into the wild for over a year, I'm sure you are aware of the rainbow loom phenomenon. Personally, I first saw them at the supermarket in May or June, and I have to admit I was tempted, very tempted. I love to try new crafts. But then it seemed to be making rubber bracelets,and so I thought it was a bit expensive just for that.

But then mid July I got a loom half price. It's the summer holidays, I wanted something new to do, etc....

Phase 1 :Interrogation.

 How does it work ? Note that in France you mostly get the cheap versions of the loom, and the instructions were written so tiny in foreign language that I had to go to the web directly.

Phase 2 : Disappointement.

Instructions are all YouTube videos. I love diagrams and written instructions. Videos take too much time, pausing and waiting for video lags.... And the bracelets I made, when I managed something that doesn't unravel on its own, were a bit disappointing. Too large or dodgy. I like the inverted fishtai design, but that's about it.

Phase 3 : Go beyond the bracelets.

This is where my good old friend Pinterest got handy. I wanted to see what could be done with rubber bands and loom. And I discovered the cute critters. It was hard to master, I spent a lot of time following YouTube instructions, but here they are !  I have to make some more, and try and design my own, like the pink rabbit.

Hours of concentration and fun coming my way !


He oui, moi aussi je me suis mise au rainbow loom, après avoir résisté vaillamment 2 mois. Au début ce fut difficile, avec les instructions en microscopique et langues bizarres, mais les videos de youtube aident bien. Je ne suis pas fan des bracelets, du coup j'ai du vite chercher ce qui se faisait d'autre grâce à Pinterest. Et me voilà avec mes petits personnages, qui rappellent les amigurumis !
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