Monday, 2 March 2015

Coming in March : crochet and daffodils

March is Crochet and Craft month, and I'm already crocheting at the moment, so I'm in phase with the world.

I joined the Cherry Heart blanket crochet along. I'm making the granny squares afghan at the moment, so it sounded like a fun thing to do. To share my pictures I also had to join Instagram, so you can follow me there too.

I don't knowif I will use it after that or not, it looks like a lot of crafters use Instagram, so please share your experience of it !!!

Lately I got nostalgic of the time I was livingin the UK reading peoples blogs. Spring is my favourite time of the ear, and daffodils my favourite flowers. When i see pictures of new borm lambs in the fields,daffodils people bought to brighten their homes.... ah ! I reminds me of when I bought daffodils buquets in Tesco !

But then yesterday MIL gave me those lovely daffodils she found in a plant shop, and the world felt right again. I'm looking forward to the daffodils coming out here and there in town.... It'sa bit early for that here.

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