Monday, 5 November 2007

Snowfall update

Forest Snowfall is back from the wip bag... and there is still quite some work to be done on it. But you never know how fast it can be stitched...

Yesterday I went to Hobbycraft to get a frame for Acorn Hill, and they have a 25% off on frames until Nov 11th, so I will have to go back with Tearoom and Renaissance Lady.

I feel the frame I took for Acorn Hill, clear pine, isn't really what I need, so I will try something darker. But it will have to wait until Wednesday evening.

Lili, the green on Acorn Hill is 4065, DMC variation (I think, check the gallery page). I thing it's a new one, arrived on the day I started Acorn Hill. That green is interesting indeed, as it's a thyme/natural green, and not Christmas pine green ;)

Tracy, welcome... I don't usually finish a project as big as Acorn hill so fast !!! I was just on holiday, and didn't do much else from 9am to 2am ;)

Kris, I'm like you, my tastes in stitching keep on changing, visiting the gallery shows how different my projects are. I prefer smaller projects, because I tend to loose patience with projects.

But I still have Cinderella from Mirabillia to finish, and it would look good on my walls...

Now, on a variation on that theme... Jaqueline, I stopped doing magazine reviews. Lately I noticed I didn't want to stitch anything in those magazines, and the reviews ended up saying "this is crap crap crap".

But of course, this is my opinion. It's unfair for the magazines and the quality of the designs.

Then there is the money aspect of it. Why would I pay for stuff I vaguely look at before throwing the whole thing in the recycling bin, when I can use the money to buy stash and charts I like?

Of course I still buy magazines I like, but it would be more likely to be Stitch and Craft (former Quick and Easy) or CrossStitch Crazy. When I subscribe to CrossStitcher and WOCS. Don't ask...
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