Sunday, 4 November 2007

When stitching becomes an obsession....

Click to see it biggerThe project finds itself finished in a day !!!

You can guess we didn't do much yesterday... I spent most of my time stitching, "just a little more..." "just this colour then that's it" " Oh, just to leave the border for tomorrow.."

And that's how Acorn Hill is completed.

To see a big picture and my threads conversion, click here. Well, it's not really a conversion, more like a personal change ;)

Now that I see you found the way to my new blog and commented, I shall try to stop pestering about comments. Like Lili says, counters tell you if the place is visited, but my concern was because of the change of adress, and people like Chiloe forgetting to change their feeds (or like me, I tend to do that as well).

But I can't help craving for comments. I'm too busy to go to forums and the like, so they are usually my only contact to the other stitchers.

Lili, I don't really see why it was easier to comment on my website than blogspot... except for the text typing to avoid spam, which was exactly why I moved to blogspot. Easier to comment = 1000 spams a day...

Kris, welcome, it's a shame you have to start all cross stitching over, but maybe it could be therapeutic? Sometimes I feel like getting rid of all my stuff and try to downside things a little... "Cattle ranch in Nebraska", it feels like a dream seen from good old England....

Anyway, I will take Forest Snowfall again, start Garden Pleasures... and start to think about Christmas and gifts.
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